I just ousted @bierino as the PRESIDENT of the Tweetocracy Switzerland!!

No, not on Foursquare, but in REAL-TweetLife!!

Today, I had my first Twitter Interview. @anix86 asked me for it and as I love to try new ways of conversations, I agreed immediately without thinking about the consequences: Really tough to limit the answers to 140 Characters! - And the topic was not an easy one too! - "The Rise & Fall of Google Wave" ... in 140 Chars per answer - huch!
It became an interesting experiment, even though some of the answers were rather trivial:
@mhegi Oh, cant comment on Googles descisions - and we will know in a few years ... #wave #colayer
In fact, this tweet got more retweets than my "super blog post" about The Rise & Fall of Google Wave, which I was working so hard for the last couple of days -
... and this, by the way quite upset me!
And so, I was wondering, how politicians use Twitter in my home country Switzerland. I found a Twitter ranking of Swiss Politicians! They compile "The most influential Swiss Politicians on Twitter" - according to the @Klout metric, which measures "your overall online influence" with some alien krypton algorithm, as far as I could understand -
Cool! ... But I didn't know any of the top Swiss Tweet-Politicians! - And I DO read newspapers from time to time ...
As I am a member of a Swiss Party since a few weeks, I would kind of qualify for that list too, right? So, I got my own Klout score and ... Would be right on top of that list! -
Well, I guess if a Swiss IT cloud guru can become the major of the museum of modern art in Zurich on Foursquare, I could become the President of the Tweetocracy Switzerland, right?
And as my first act in my new role I hereby declare §1 of our new Tweettitution shall be:
§1 As soon as any Tweet gets 100 Retweets, it shall be a law!

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